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Mississippi Schools Are Rethinking Their Barbaric Corporal Punishment Practices. Finally.

Source: Slate Magazine Slate.com

Mississippi has gotten a lot of bad press in the past year for its in-school corporal-punishment practices, which is perhaps one reason its State Board of Education announced last week its plans to propose its first-ever policy regulating the restraint and seclusion of students, according to the Associated Press.
Under pressure from special-education advocates and civil-rights groups, such policies have proliferated in recent years, and Mississippi remains one of the last states with no guidelines governing the use of restraint and seclusion in schools in response to behavior problems (New Jersey, surprisingly, is another).
And in case you’re wondering what exactly “restraint and seclusion” might look like in a school setting, Mississippi has furnished us with some stunning examples, like when teachers handcuffed kids to the metal railings of the school gym for the dress-code infraction of “sagging pants,” or confined an overexcited first-grader to a three-sided pen on his eighth birthday. (“If I had that contraption in my house,” the mother of the boxed eight-year-old was quoted in the Clarion-Ledger as saying, “and my child told his teachers, ‘My mom puts me in a box when I’m bad,’ I would have been arrested and my kids would have gone to foster care.”) 
According to the Clarion-Ledger story, in the 2011–12 school year alone, nearly 1,000 students were restrained or secluded in Mississippi schools, though that number is probably much higher, since data is self-reported and spotty, and districts aren’t required to track these incidents.

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Spreading her wings

Hoop DanceSacred Heart Middle School eighth grader Cate Perakslis spreads her wings while she and her classmates performed with Dallas Chief Eagle II during an assembly at Sacred Heart School’s Link Auditorium in Yankton Friday. Chief Eagle, who is a recognized master of the Lakota Hoop Dance, worked with Sacred Heart students throughout the week as part of an artist-in-residence program made possible through a grant from the South Dakota Arts Council. Friday’s public assembly showcased dancing skills as well as explanations of the importance of the hoop dance in Native American culture. To see more photos from this event, visit Yankton Daily Press / Kelly Hertz/P&D

The 5 P’s for Hooping Newbies: Hooping.org

The 5 P’s for Hooping Newbies

newbiesby Shea Brock

From Hooping.org

Recently I had the pleasure of having some of my hoopers stop me after class to comment me on how “fluid” or “graceful” my hooping appears. They wanted to know why it looks at times like I am barely moving while hooping, while they still feel “clumsy” or “all over the place”. I tried explaining that I have been hooping for close to five years now and that when I started, I was really all over the place too. I also let them in on a little secret, that what they see in class sometimes isn’t really my hooping reality. You see, what we do in a classroom setting are moves I have typically done thousands of times, hence the seamless flow. Whenever I am asked what my hooping secrets are, however, my best advice for newbies who are picking up a hoop for the first time are the 5 P’s of hooping. What are the 5 P’s? Well, let me tell you about each of them.

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“Life Must Be Lived As Play”

Kids Playing with Hula Hoops“Life must be lived as play.” – Plato
This quote, attributed to the ancient Greek philosopher, is profound in its simplicity. When coupled with the unattributed quote “Kids make no separation between fun and learning,” we begin to see the profound potential that play holds as a learning modality. Why would one of humanity’s greatest thinkers place so much emphasis on play? Because he was aware of the truth of the second quote, not just as it applies to children, but as it applies to learners of all ages. A life of play, embodying the six elements of play, helps foster a culture of lifelong learning that can propel individuals and society to great new heights of learning and understanding in all areas. As author G.K. Chesterton put it, “The true object of all human life is play.” //

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Cara Zara at Matthews Alive Festival 2013

Cara Zara at Matthews Alive Festival

Cara Zara Hoop Dance Entertainer


Date: Saturday 8/31 and Sunday 9/1

Showtime: 2pm both days

Location: Cultural Stage (come relax with some nice air conditioning!) ~ Festival Map Link

MAP for Matthews Alive 2011

Note: The Cultural Stage is located inside the Matthews Community Center. 100 McDowell Street.  Enter on the left side of the building. Matthews Community Center

Come see all the exciting shows:

Matthews Alive Entertainment Schedule Link

Family Fun (and fund raising!)

Rides, amusements, carnival midway, games… Now we’re talking!

Matthews Alive brings in the top amusements company in the Southeast to provide our major rides and attractions at the festival. This area of the festival, we like to call “Family Fun” is truly the hub of the energy and action of the festival. Imagine the lights flashing, music and bells, and the sounds of kids laughing and having their best days of the summer!

This is Matthews Alive.