Cara Zara Thank You PageKids give the most heartfelt silly compliments. Below are a few favorite quotes from children plus parent and professional recommendations. Thank you everyone for the sweet words of encouragement. 😉
  • “This hula-hoop class is better than ANGRY BIRDS!” Tyler – 1st Grader Hawk Ridge Elementarty School
  • “So much fun!  I hired Cara for my 8-yr-old’s birthday party In May 2013.  Cara started with a smart ice breaker of the ‘Sharpie’ tattoos and after that had all of the girls hooping.  One girl said with a big smile, ‘My dad didn’t know I’d be getting a tattoo!’  They really enjoyed the tricks and the games played with the hoops.  We battled some rain during the party, but we moved inside and outside without skipping a beat.  Cara had them enraptured.  The music selection Cara played was fun and appropriate.  My daughter felt very special and the big hug and big grin she gave Cara after she successfully hooped with 8 hoops was priceless!” Kerry Lindauer, Birthday Party Mom
  • “My girls have enjoyed Cara Zara’s after school program and summer camp multiple times and always ask for more. Cara is more than fun – she has the spirit that we all want to share with our children.  The skills that are learned go way beyond just exercise. She teaches rhythm, self confidence and all around good, clean fun. I highly recommend this to all students. There is no such thing as too much fun.” Julia Tricebock, Mom  of Summer Camp and After School Program  Girls
  • “Cara is an asset to our roster of entertainment.  Easy to work with and always on schedule.  People are still talking about her performances at Key Signature sponsored events.” Brandon  Crumpton – Key Signature Entertainment
  • “SHE’S HERE! SHE’S HERE! SHE’S HERE!” (while jumping up in down in unison) Kindergarteners  & 1st Grade Class – St. Patrick Elementary School
  • “If you are looking for an exciting and dynamic Hooping program, Cara Zara can provide it! I am very impressed with her enthusiasm and skills with her children’s programming. She is the best!!” Susan Adams – ArtyFacts
  • “Cara Zara came to my daughter Addie’s 6th birthday party on a Friday night. We invited 20 kids and 30 adults. I think it was a tossup on who was having the best time! From the minute Cara showed up it was full on excitement! From the music she provided to the temporary tattoos to the hula hoop lessons and games it was so much fun. The ages of kids ranged from 2 yrs old to 12 yrs old. Boys and girls. They equally had a great time. The final 15 minutes was an awesome performance by Cara which had everyone’s full attention. I would recommend Cara Zara for any child’s party celebration. Thank you again.” El D’Allaird – Mom of Birthday Party Girl
  • “My daughter absolutely HAD to have a hula hoop party for her birthday! Not only did everybody, including the parents have a blast, but the girls in her class are STILL talking about her party! And it’s been 5 months! Thank you so much for an absolutely unforgettable birthday party!” Elizabeth & Abigael Aycock
  • “Are you magic?!” Leyla  – 2nd  Grader  Matthews Elementary School
  • “Cara Zara joined us for our spring “Kid Fest” event at Belk. We were so pleased with the event.  Cara did interactive hula-hooping with the children (mostly around age 6) with music.  The kids had such a great time and they all participated for the entire duration, while parents were able to relax and enjoy seeing their kids have fun. I definitely recommend Cara for kids’ entertainment.  She is professional, energetic, and punctual.  We were so excited to have her.  She helped us to deliver a great Kid Fest event.” Brittney  Carey, Belk Kid Fest
  • “You are the coolest person ever!” Morgan – 3rd  Grader  Charlotte Christian School
  • “Cara Zara is fantastic! Who knew Hula Hooping could be so much fun. Cara’s fun and energetic personality makes this class a must attend for all.  The creative way she gets kids moving is a wonderful way to keep kids and get kids in shape. I have her observed her classes many times and often find myself wanting to get the hula hooping going around me. ” Allycia Brown – Charlotte Christian School  – Director of Student Life
  • “Can you come to all my birthday parties?!” Sarah – 7th  Birthday Party
  • “You smell really good. Is that your deodorant?” Devon – 3rd Grader Blythe Elementary
  • “What a cool, new and different way of having a whole lot of fun!!!  Cara has hit the jackpot combining fun and fitness in hula hooping. My 9 year old has yet to find any activity more fun than hula hooping with Ms. Cara!!” Kelly Brooks,  Mom of Birthday Party  Girl
  • “It’s always fun to watch as Cara Zara wows children and parents alike with her graceful and engaging performances!” Erin Zitelli-Davis- Co-Owner FunkyTown Parties
  • “Did your fairy god-mother give you that?” (After seeing my lighted LED hoop in action) Max – 5 Year Old  Party  Guest
  • “I was looking for something new and different for my daughter’s birthday this year.  Cara and her hoops were it!  The girls were not only amazed by her, they all had a blast participating! Not only will I have her back for my children’s parties, I will call her for an adult party too.  You can’t help but have fun ~ she is dynamite!” Olga Faison, Mom of Birthday Party Girl
  • “Are you a Teenager?” Tyler –  1st Grader St. Gabriel Catholic School
  • “Cara has an amazing talent and love for Hula Hooping. She works with our TK through 5th graders once a week for 12 weeks each semester. Most of the children do not know how to Hula Hoop and in 12 weeks they put on a fabulous performance. Cara provides a creative, positive and fun atmosphere which helps build the children’s confidence as well as their physical fitness! Cara is very professional, flexible and easy to work with. We highly recommend her Hula Hoop program.” Marjorie Hyde – Providence Day School Extended Day Assistant Director Enrichment Programs

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