Stop Corporal Punishment in NC Schools


Did you know NC prohibits corporal punishment of prisoners but allows corporal punishment of children in our schools? What? In North Carolina a city or state employee cannot hit a prisoner but can hit a student. An antiquated law from 1837 (State v. Pendergrass, 19 N.C. 365) should not be used to justify abusing a child at school. NC Legislators have the power and the responsibility to end Corporal Punishment in schools. Please support HR 2268 Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act and protect our students from physical harm. Thank you. Cara Zara

Want to help? Contact your representative by visiting the NC General Assembly website:

GS 148-20. Corporal punishment of prisoners prohibited.

GS 115C-390.4.  Corporal punishment – Each local board of education shall determine whether corporal punishment will be permitted in its school administrative unit. Notwithstanding a local board of education’s prohibition on the use of corporal punishment, school personnel may use physical restraint in accordance with federal law and G.S. 115C-391.1 and reasonable force pursuant to G.S. 115C-390.3.



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