Bully Intimidation Tactic: “Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and belittle you.”

big-bad-wolfBelittle: to make (a person or a thing) seem small or unimportant. To gain control of you in a situation bullies discredit your: decisions, opinions, upbringing, appearance, intelligence, authority, school work, profession, disability, friends, family – any slam necessary especially when you disagree with them. WHY? Insecurity. Dominating others releases their discomfort and frustration. Belittling you is an impulse reaction to stress. If they can make you feel tiny (even if it’s just in their mind) then they’re BIG by comparison. Can you get them to stop? Probably not. With the wind noise from all that huffing and puffing they can’t hear you or anyone else. Please remember, it has NOTHING to do with you. The BIG BAD WOLF is scared of his own shadow but growls at you instead. Common insults when bullies hear “No” frequently include labeling you as stupid to impose their superiority. Try your best to disregard to disregard the meanness of others and don’t let it seep into your heart.

Note: Above image is from the book Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce. 

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