Hula Hoop Science Fun Physics with Cara Zara

“Cara Zara’s Hula-Hoop Science” program explains to students in a simple, engaging and fun way the principles of physics with a modern spin by using the classic hula-hoop to demonstrate the mechanics of hula-hoop tricks through science. Students frequently ask Cara Zara after seeing her performances: “Is that magic?” – And she replies “No. It’s Science!” Physics principles that will be defined and demonstrated include: gravity, friction, acceleration, velocity, rotation, torque, axis, centripetal and centrifugal force, and Newton’s laws of motion.
This program is designed as an instructed led demonstration with a hula-hoop dance performance at the beginning, followed by scientific explanation of trick techniques with several student volunteers helping to demonstrate the moves. The program ends with a lighted hula-hoop performance if the location can be dark for LED hoops to be seen.
Please note that this program is grouped by class (K – 8th grade – see details below) so that the terminology used is adjusted for the appropriate age level. Because there isn’t a maximum class size not all of the students will be hula-hooping due to space limitations. If you would like to schedule a class where all the children can hula-hoop please consider the Cara Zara “Hula-Hoop Kid-Fit” class. Program meets NC Essential Standards for Physical Science – Forces and Motion. To schedule Hula-Hoop Science:

To book your After School Enrichment (ASEP) or Group Program complete the form below for the quickest scheduling. Please check Cara Zara’s Calendar for available dates by clicking on the calendar image:  



Note: Communicating with me via my website and email are the quickest way for me to respond to your request and the most efficient way for me to keep track of all the details for your party/event/class. I also wait to respond to requests when I’m sitting at my computer. I usually respond within 48 hours. If you have a time sensitive request please let me know or if you haven’t heard from me within 48 hours your message may be stuck in cyber world please send me another message. I’m forever on the go and catching me on the phone is tricky to do. Plus I keep odd office hours and you might not want me waking you up at 5:00am! 🙂 Thank you!

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