Five Fun Hula Hoop Games

Natalie Platon


In my after-school program, to promote healthy living and exercising, we would focus on different sports every week. During that week, students would spend each day practicing a different skill, and, on Friday, they would put together all the skills they learned to play an actual game.

For example, if the sport was soccer, the schedule would be:

Monday – Dribbling the ball
Tuesday – Passing the ball
Wednesday – Kicking the ball correctly
Thursday – Combining all the skills together in a team
Friday – 
Game Day! Using all the skills against another team

However, as the months passed, students eventually became tired of playing the same sports over and over again. Often I heard, “We have to play basketball again? Let’s do something else!” So I turned to an unlikely hero:

Hula Hoops!

The girls in my elementary school already loved hula hooping, and the boys didn’t mind hula…

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