Imaginative Activities for Kids: Put on a play – The Family Couch

Hi, Since I’m all about motion and play I thought I’d share some imaginative activities for kids to do on cold or rainy days. When I was little my 3 brothers and I spent many cold/rainy days putting on our own plays and they are fond memories for me. This first series is a selection of low cost theatrical plays that kids can do with very few props and/or costumes that I found on I hope your kids enjoy them! Cara Zara  

Family Couch

The Family Couch


A couch that faces out to audience;Costumes: Everyday clothes.

SETTING: A family living room.

(Kenny enters and sees the empty couch.)

Kenny: All right! The whole sofa to myself!

(He sits down and stretches across the whole thing. Zoe enters.)

Zoe: I’ve got to get in here… Excuse me…

Kenny: Yeah, I’ll move over.

(Zoe sits down on the couch. Claudio enters.)

Claudio: Can you move over please? I like to be really comfortable.

All: O.K.

(Claudio sits down. Jessica enters.)

Jessica: Can you please move over just a little bit?

(Jessica sits down. Ray enters.)

Ray: Can you scoot over?… Thanks.

(Kenny moves and Ray sits down. Alisa enters.)

Alisa: I need to find a place please. You know, just move over!

(Alisa sits. Caroline enters.)

Caroline: Oh, I think I’ll try to squeeze in please.

(Caroline squeezes onto the couch. Kenny is pushed off onto the floor.)

Kenny: Ah! The whole floor to myself!

(The rest of the kids are still squished on the couch. They have pained looks on their faces.)

Cara Zara ~ Hula-Hoop Entertainer and Children’s Fitness Instructor ~ Charlotte NC ~ 704-540-1456

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