Imaginative Activities for Kids: Put on a play – Tortoise and Hare

Hi, Since I’m all about motion and play I thought I’d share some imaginative activities for kids to do on cold or rainy days. When I was little my 3 brothers and I spent many cold/rainy days putting on our own plays and they are fond memories for me. This first series is a selection of low cost theatrical plays that kids can do with very few props and/or costumes that I found on I hope your kids enjoy them! Cara Zara  

Tortoise and HareThe Tortoise and the Hare: Shadow Puppet Play



Shadow puppets of Narrator, Tortoise, Hare, Squirrel, Crowd;a tree and a finish line;Shadow Puppet Theater: Check out the ZOOMdo Shadow Puppet Theater for directions on making one.

How to make the shadow puppets:

SETTING: Shadow Puppets and Theater.

SETT ING: A race.

Tortoise: Welcome to “The Tortoise and The Hare, A Shadow Puppet Play.” Listen and watch closely.

(Tortoise, Hare.)

Hare: Hey Tortoise!! I challenge you to a race at high noon today!

Tortoise: Sure, that would be fun!

Hare: Are you sure? You know you’ll never beat me!

Tortoise: That’s O.K. I can certainly try!

Hare: Have it your way. See you at high noon!

(Crowd, Tortoise, Hare, Squirrel)

Squirrel: On your mark, get set, go!!!

(The Hare zips off, the Crowd cheers, and the Tortoise slowly trails behind.)

Crowd: Go Tortoise! Go Hare!

(Tree, Tortoise, Hare)

(Hare speeds past the tree as the Tortoise slowly walks past it.)

Hare: I’m so far ahead of that slow turtle that I think I’ll just take a nap by this nice tree.

(As the Hare drifts off into a snoring sleep the Tortoise slowly walks past the Hare.)

Narrator: Before you knew it the Tortoise arrived at the finish linewhile the Hare continued his napping.

(Hare snores.)

The Crowd cheered as the Tortoise reached the finish line.

(Cheering sounds.)

They all congratulated him…

All: Congratulations, Tortoise!

Narrator continued:
and then left to prepare a party in his honor!

Tortoise: See you later at the party!!!!

Narrator: Moments later the Hare arrived and said….

Hare: Hey, where is everybody?

Tortoise: Everyone is gone. The race is over. I won!!!

Hare: You won? How could you have won? I’m supposed to win!

Don’t you know that slow and steady wins the race?

Slow and steady always wins the race? That can’t be right? Could it be right? Slow and steady always wins the race?

(Hare walks off muttering.)

Narrator: And so our hero, the Tortoise, walked away a winner to his celebration party because everyone knows that…

All: …slow and steady always wins the race!

Cara Zara ~ Hula-Hoop Entertainer and Children’s Fitness Instructor ~ Charlotte NC ~ 704-540-1456

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