Birthday Party Idea: Pajama Party

Moms and dads have asked me for party theme suggestions for their child’s Cara Zara hula hoop birthday. I’ve compiled a few playful ideas for inspiration that I discovered on the Parents magazine website that would be a wonderful combination with hula-hooping. For more details on how you can create this party theme visit: Parent Magazine Birthday Party Planner  / Please note: Parents provide party decor and food. Cara Zara provides the hula hoop entertainment 😉

Pajama Birthday Bash: Too young for the real thing? Have all of the fun without the 2AM come-get-me phone call. Plan the party for the early evening and have your guests dress in their jammies. Encourage kids to bring their blankies, sleeping bags, and their favorite stuffed animals. Engage them in fun activities like pillowcase-decorating (use stamps and fabric markers!) and gift goody bags with toothbrushes, glow-in-the-dark stars, and more! A moon-shaped cake with cookies is the perfect cake for a mock sleepover.

Cara Zara, hula-hoop entertainer and teacher, happily spins her hoops any chance she gets! She has performed at hundreds of festivalslibraries, partiesschools, corporate events and charity functions.

Cara Zara is the founder of “Hula-Hoop Kid-Fit”, an after-school enrichment program offered at public and private schools. She teaches the art and fitness of hooping and instills a love for physical activity in children through play.

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