Pi Day, Math and Hula Hoops

On March 14th, math geeks, number lovers and students in Massillon Middle School’s eight grade classrooms in Massillon, Ohio, celebrated Pi Day. No, not the lemon meringue or banana creme kind of pie, we’re talking about a day set aside to honor the mathematical constant. It was about celebrating the 3.14 miracle number that helps to determine the area of circles and fits into geometrical formulas of all kinds. And what better day to celebrate pi — than on the 14th day of the third month (3.14)? Eighth grade teacher Debbie Tucker said, “It’s taken on a tradition all its own here… Every year the students remember that March 14 is ‘Pi Day.’ I think they will always remember that.” Instead of participating in traditional learning activities in their classrooms, students like Matthew Oliver (pictured) were engaged in hands-on activities and games that tied pi into every subject they study. Oliver is shown here measuring the diameter of a hula hoop in an experiment to determine Pi, which got us thinking about how the 3.14 miracle number relates to our circles and our spin.


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