Providence Day School Hula Hoop Class

Providence Day School

Providence Day now offers three levels of hula hoop classes starting after Labor Day weekend. Class is on Monday afternoons.

Hooping is a modern spin on the classic fun of the hula-hoop and is perfect way to stay fit for boys and girls. Students will learn how to bring the hoop up, down and off the body all while moving to music. Hooping improves large and small motor skills, increases balance, coordination, flexibility and strength and brings a smile to everyone’s face!

Hoop 1 – TK/K – Beginner – no prior hoop class experience needed.

Hoop 2 – 1st-5th – Intermediate – no prior hoop class experience needed.

Hoop 3 – 2nd-5th – Advanced – New Class! For students that have learned basic hoop skills. Class will be fast paced and designed to teach complex tricks like: Vortex, Tornado, Lasso Jump and multiple hoops.

Middle School classes and assembly presentations are also available.

Somewhere along the way many of us have come to equate exercise with being a chore (ooooh how awful!) Naturally we are designed to run, jump, swing, sway and laugh.

My program encourages physical activity for the pure pleasure of movement and isn’t based on repetition or competition. I foster cooperative team building and high self-esteem.

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