Hula Hoop Route of Change

From: — In Toronto, Ontario, prior to starting class earlier this week students at Flemington Public School made their way outside where they tested their hula hoop skills. The hour-long event was organized by Swiss Natural in support of the “Breakfast for Learning” program which funds and sustains school-based child nutrition programs across Canada. “We believe kids need to be fed well in order to perform to the best of their capabilities,” said naturopathic doctor Elvis Ali. “Exercising is important. Today is about promoting fun.” Professional hula hoopers from Hoop Toronto were also on hand to inspire and show off their skills. Flemington vice-principal Grace LaRocque told Inside Toronto, “What’s happening today is fabulous. It’s really inspiring for the kids to see the world out there. (Swiss Natural) is teaching the kids how to be healthy and they are promoting healthy living.” The school event was just one stop of several this week on their Route of Change. In the video below they are raising funds for Breakfast for Learning at Yonge Eglinton Square where, for everyone who joined, a $1 donation was made to Breakfast for Learning. Read the rest of this entry →


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