Hooping Basics – Practice!

Teaching a child to hula-hoop requires a great deal of patience and giving them tons of encouragement. Most important is for them to practice, practice, practice. Hula hooping is not a skill that comes automatically to everyone. If the children are not quick to master the skill of hip hula hooping, show them other ways to enjoy the hoop. The hoop can be spun around the neck. Demonstrate pressing the hoop to the back of your neck, and then releasing and thrusting the hoop to the left or to the right, moving your neck so that the hoop can rotate around it.Improvise. Other ways to appreciate the hula hoop are by spinning it around wrists or elbows, or even around ankles. Or show the children how the hoop can spin along the ground. They can either run along beside the hoop, or stand and watch it go off on its own.

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