One Year Later: First Lady Making Strides

Michelle Obama Hula Hooping

It’s been a year since first lady Michelle Obama kicked off her “Let’s Move!” campaign to fight childhood obesity. In that year, she has shimmied in a Hula-Hoop, run barefoot through an obstacle course and played flag football on the White House lawn. “When I do these things, I’m thinking, ‘If people see me, the first lady, with my shoes off, running around with kids, sweating, jumping around, making a fool out of yourself, then maybe more moms and dads will say, ‘I can do that, and actually that looks fun,’” Obama told Michele Norris in a conversation at the White House for National Public Radio. Over the year, Obama has won commitments to provide healthier meals in America’s schools, including the addition of 6,000 salad bars. And last month, she announced a joint effort with Wal-Mart to reduce the sugar, salt and fat in many of its most popular products — as well as to make fruits and vegetables more accessible at lower prices. “We’ve worked from the beginning with the Partnership for a Healthier America,” she says. “It’s a separate nonprofit that started for this very purpose — to be that third-party accountability system. So we’ve got some real good expertise, people who care about this issue, who are going to be tracking and monitoring this from here on out.” Full stories: Southern California Public Radio, Healthcare


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