Hoop Dance Classes

Hoop Classes at J’Adore Ballroom on Saturdays at 10am starting January 8th!

We will also be having Teen Hoop & Family Hoop nights – I’ll post the dates as soon as they are available.


Hoop Dance Class: Learn the mind, spirit, and body benefits and the basics of hooping with both “on body” and “off body” tricks. We’ll work core, arms and legs in a somewhat silly atmosphere where the most important goal is to have…fun! All levels of Hoopers are welcome to join the class.

Think you can’t hoop? Think again!  Unlike the hoops you may remember as a child, hoop dance hoops are adult-sized and weighted to help keep them spinning.  They are specially made to so that hooping is possible for anyone, regardless of shape or size.

Hoop Dance is a modern spin on the classic fun of the Hula Hoop. Bring the Hoop up, down and off the body all while moving to music! You will burn calories, tone your body, increase rhythm and learn a few tricks!

Hoop Dance is the newest revolution in movement!

What to wear for this class? You should wear tight-fitting, yoga clothes that are mainly natural fibers. Exposed arms/shoulders are easiest. Footwear: anything goes; whatever you’re comfortable in – bare feet, sneakers, dance footwear.

Hoops will be provided and available for purchase.

Questions? Feel free to contact me – 704-540-1456


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