Cara will be on TV today!

I’ll be on TV today promoting staying fit with hula-hooping and my new Hoop Dance Fit class at J’Adore Ballroom on Saturday Mornings at 10am starting in January. So watch me! Tuesday November 30th 11am on WCNC-36 on the Charlotte Today show with Colleen Odegaard.  I’ll give tips for hooping, what type of hoop to get, what to wear, etc.  Also I’ll explain how I got started hooping and why do I do it every chance I get…. (more)

I started hula-hooping as a child.
Put the hoop down for a few decades.
Picked it up again about 4 years ago and I never want to put it down again.
Every New Year I’d make a bunch of fitness resolutions with the best intentions:
  • Run 3x a week
  • Yoga 2x a week
  • Weights 3x a week
Then I’d quickly forget all those daunting promises to myself.
Now I hoop at least 5x a week and never have to push myself to keep to the commitment. In fact I never made a commitment to do it. It just naturally happened.
Hooping combines: the cardio fun of Zumba or a hip hop class, the toning of weights/Pilates and the meditative calm that I love about yoga. As an added bonus it reminds me that I still have a little bit of silly kindergartener inside me.
What’s not to love about that!!

One response to “Cara will be on TV today!

  1. Awesome Cara, Congrats! 🙂

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