Multiple Hula Hoop Practice

I filmed this practice session back in the summer when I preparing for Festival in the Park. I wanted to play/experiment with multiple hoops and since it’s nearly impossible to watch yourself in a mirror when you’re spinning and the hoop (or in this case hoops) are rotating too I thought I’d make a practice video.

There’s a lot to learn when you watch yourself like a audience does and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Of course I’m probably more critical than most people would be.

And the important thing is to just keep going – even when the hoop (or hoops) go flying and to laugh at yourself (which I do a few times in the video).  :  )

When I performed with multiple hoops at Festival in the Park – I warned the audience that I had never never never been able to land a routine with more than one hoop – but it makes me so happy to do it and some parts are really cool – so I’m going to share it anyway… because if I wait until it’s perfect nobody will ever see it.

As SaFire says: “Practice makes improvement”.


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