Rit Dye for Costumes

Rit Dye is the most amazing stuff! I’ve been hesitant to use it fearing the mess and lack-luster results. Probably based on my first (and only) experience trying to dye a really ugly hand-me down sofa a billion years ago. Yes I thought I could remove the outer cushion covers and dye them black and wrap the base in a sheet and TA-DA new sofa. Nope that was a serious mistake. And I never went back…. (more)

Until now – I have a largely black based wardrobe that had faded to a wimpy grayish black. I keep buying the same pair of black pants over and over when the color fades. I put my entire black wardrobe in the washing machine and for about $7 revived all my black clothing. Why didn’t I try this sooner??? – Oh yeah visions of ugly sofa dancing in my head. But I was a young “know-it-all” and probably didn’t read the directions. Now I’m an older more experienced “know-it-all-when-you-follow-directions” kind of person.

Rit Dye – has this sparkly website with the coolest ideas (beyond tie-dye). I can’t wait to explore dye and costuming. Stand back ya’ll — They may have created a coloring monster.

 All images came from the Rit Dye website. www.ritdye.com


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