Cara Hoop – First Fire Hoop Experience

I hula hooped with fire last night.

I was shocked when the wicks were first lit, standing in the center of my circle with the intense bright yellow flames so close to my body. Even though I had attended Caroleeena’s fire safety class at Hoop Convergence, listened to Dorne’s review, and practiced with Jade’s fire hoop unlit – nothing completely prepares you for actually doing it.

The brightness of the flame was brighter than I imagined.

The sound of the flame was louder than I imagined.

The power of the flame was more powerful than I imagined.

The heat of the flame was hotter than I imagined.

The size of the flame was larger than I imagined.

In the video you can see that for several moments I was in total awe, a bit shocked and almost motionless. Although I could easily have dropped the hoop and stepped out of the situation. The fire hoop was so enchanting that dropping it didn’t occur to me as an option.

And when I gave my first swing of the hoop it was a pure jolt of excitement.

My imagination could never compare to the reality. I tend to live in my imagination a lot (don’t all artists?) somehow thinking that daydream world is more fun. How wrong I’ve been!

A big thank you to my safeties: Sam, Ben and Dorne

A huge applause to Ryan, Ben, Sam and Dorne for your awe inspiring fire performances.

Big hugs to all my Hoop Jam friends for the support and cheers.

Jody & Christine thanks for capturing the moment on video – now I know it wasn’t a dream.

And a big kiss to Jade for putting the idea in my head a long time ago and encouraging me to try something new.

All my love!


PS: Christine – You’re next!

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