Allegro Invitational 2010

September 8th, 2010

Please join us for this wonderful opportunity to mingle with local celebrities, for which all proceeds will go directly toward the 480 children with disabilities in Allegro’s more than 20 FREE movement education programs held throughout the area.

Event will be held at the Ballantyne Country Club and I’ll be helping the children with their exciting dance routine!

IMAGINE that you are a child confined inside your classroom, strapped into a wheelchair while your classmates play outside during recess. They have not invited you to join them because you cannot navigate your wheelchair through the playground. You are being denied the basic freedoms of childhood, and your peers may even tease you because you are different.

Sadly, the school district has identified more than 15,000 children with disabilities right here in Charlotte, North Carolina, that endure these heart-breaking obstacles in their daily lives.

NOW envision that you are a child with mental retardation who has just learned how to count by participating in a movement education class with kids your own age. Another child, your friend who has leg braces, is learning to trust his body and express himself through movement in your class.

Can this really happen? The answer is YES!

With the help of valued donors and friends, we are proud to announce that Allegro Foundation is transforming the lives of more than 480 children with disabilities in our community each year.


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