I Release!


Be like the bird that, passing on her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing that she hath wings.  ~Victor Hugo

There are moments while hooping when you need to release your grasp. During tosses and transitions when the hoop is not in contact with your body and for a brief moment all is suspended. It takes practice, focus and faith to let go. But you can’t go anywhere if you just stand still.

I went to Yin Yoga with my husband and my intent was “Release”.  It was a slow practice where each position was held for 1-3 minutes – for my hyperactive brain that is eternity. So I focused on my intent in a laundry list fashion. To-Do Lists are a major part of my life at this juncture so the list format seemed right and flowed easily. I began each thought with “I release…” and visualized letting go.

I release expectations.

I release demands: mine and others.

I release fear.

I release responsibilities that are not my own.

I release tension: physical, emotional, mental.

I release pain: physical, emotional, mental.

I release regret.

I release perfectionism that cripples rather than inspires.

I release ego.

I release frustration.

I release situational anger.

I release the tendency to freak out when I see a bug.

I release neediness.

I release stuff – physical stuff that no longer serves a purpose.

And finally – I release the pressure that comes along with having a list like this!



One response to “I Release!

  1. Great ideas. Happy birthday!

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