Recycled Cemetary Flower Dresses by Susan Lenz

I have a fascination with Fairies and was searching for ideas for a Fairy costume that I’m making when I stumbled upon these recycled cemetary flower dresses by fiber artist Susan Lenz. She’s brilliant! This was exactly the inspiration I was looking for…

3 responses to “Recycled Cemetary Flower Dresses by Susan Lenz

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for sharing my work! The dresses were fun to make and are a blast to wear. Each is made from totally recycled materials (except for the actual thread). They’re wash-and-wear too! The “Leaf Dress” recently won an award in the “ART from Trash” juried show in Hilton Head. I hope you found my earlier blog post that shows how I created them on the adhesive coated, water soluble stabilizer. Thanks again!

  2. can I order this? 8602745996

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