Hooping Class at LuLuLemon

I am conducting a 1-hour Foundation Hoop Dance class at the LuLuLemon showroom tonight at 6pm.

I will explain the mind, spirit, and body benefits and teach the basics of hooping both “on body” and “off body” tricks. We’ll work core, arms and legs in a somewhat silly atmosphere where the most important goal is to have…fun!

What to wear for this event: You should wear tight fitting, yoga clothes that are mainly natural fibers. Exposed arms/shoulders are easiest. Footwear: anything goes; whatever you’re comfortable in – bare feet, sneakers, dance footwear.

Here’s a link at a video from that evening:


LuLuLemon — 1318-A9 Central Avenue — Charlotte, NC 28205

LuLuLemon is located behind the Junior League Warehouse in a group of brick buildings on the second floor (look for our red logo above the door)! They are near Fitness Together, Open Door Studios and Bang Bang Hair Salon.
tel: 704.334.3682



One response to “Hooping Class at LuLuLemon

  1. Forgot to mention … The class is free! How exciting!

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